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Cashmere Pashmina: An Exquisite Addition to Your Wardrobe!


Cashmere pashminas are one of the most beautiful and attractive pieces of wardrobe accessory that a woman can possess. Along with knitted winter garments, mittens, and long coats, a cashmere pashmina is increasingly becoming a must-have in the winter wardrobe category.

However, if you are dicey on purchasing a piece of cashmere, then here are some reasons for you to start loving it!

Perks of cashmere which are merely present in any other wool

  1. It can insulate heat three times more than regular wool.
  2. This wool is lightweight and impressively breathable.
  3. Cashmere scarves have finer wool that’s devoid of any scratchy or itchy feels.
  4. Perfect wardrobe accessory for all year round.
  5. Cashmere products are never outdated.


Along with these, they are super easy to take care. Just use a hair shampoo or gentle soap to wash the fabric manually. Ensure that you hang it over a stainless rod; avoid using hangers as it will loosen its shape. Properly taking care of the cashmere guarantees durability and longevity; you can even pass it down to your next generation.

You must have enough reasons by now to love what every fashion-conscious woman adores – the Cashmere!

However, they do not come at cheaper rates. That’s because textile makers have to go to great lengths to manufacture this delicate woolen wear. Let’s see how they do it.

Procuring cashmere!

Belonging to the natural fur family, makers get cashmere from the goats inhabiting the Himalayan region of India. These goats have two layers – the inner one consists of cashmere and the outer is a thick and rough coat. The Himalayan goats protect themselves with their cashmere layer from that biting cold.

During wintertime, breeders shed the outer layer and manually comb the inner coating during the entire period of spring. Selecting wool and creating cashmere clothing also involves manual labor. The most preferred area while picking wool is around the goat’s stomach and neck; the wool there is softer and finer than other parts of its body.

Not readily available

Since cashmere products are not readily available and require many stages of labour, the final product becomes expensive.

Even though buying cashmere pashmina is a costly fashion venture, it gives good return of investment in the long run.

Cashmere pashminas are available only in specific light colors. Manufacturers avoid dying them with darker shades as those chemicals will drop its smoothness level. These scarves are sleek and delicate in appearance along with being durable and resistant to wear and tear.

One can use these pashminas to protect oneself from the harsh winter conditions by tying it around the neck. A gorgeous cashmere pashmina also serves effectively to its owners by going well with all kinds of attire. Be it your office wear, casual wear, or a fashionable evening gown, the pashmina will compliment all the attire equally well.

Take good care

However, you must ensure that you’re taking good care of that exclusive pashmina made of cashmere wool because it deserves your attention!

Pro tip – While buying, you can check its authenticity by stretching the material. If it stretches and retains its original form, then the product is genuine.

With all these know-how and care tips, your favorite pashmina will last forever!