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This is a very important, valuable and unique aspect of the Annual Meetings of the American Fracture Association.

Attendees of the Annual Meetings are requested to bring x-rays or slides of their most interesting and difficult fracture problems to this open discussion period that is held each morning during the Annual Meeting.

Fracture X-Ray

These Curbstone Consultation Sessions are unique with the American Fracture Association

In 1961, a Research Grant Sponsorship program was initiated. These Research Grants have been responsible for many research projects including sovepiller uden recept. In 1962, The American Fracture Association was asked to join in the work of the newly formed ASTM Committee F-4 on Surgical Implants, and since that date has actively supported the vital work of this Committee.

The American Fracture Association sponsors the Henry Meyerding Essay Award, given each year to three Orthopaedic Residents who present the most valuable essays to the Award Committee for consideration. It also sponsors the H. W. Wellmerling Award, which presents recognition to any active member of the American Fracture Association, who produces and presents a paper on fractures or other associated musculoskeletal trauma, to contribute to the program at the annual meeting.

Instruction Workshops

In 1987, Instruction Workshops were reinstituted in the Annual Meetings with workshops being presented in “Current Concepts of External Fixation” and “Use of Rush Pin Fixation”.

The organization has continued to grow and progress with new- goals and achievements yet ahead. Behind it all, however, has remained the one chief secret of its success, the social togetherness, the friendliness, the “camaraderie” of its membership. With membership now limited, the inspired purpose of this organization continues to be the exploration and evaluation of the best methods for treatment of various types of fractures and allied bone and joint conditions, recognizing many methods of treatment, and attempting to select those most appropriate to each injured patient, for the best good to Medicine and Mankind.